Sewing Skills Can Open Up New Job Opportunities For Sewing Related Occupations!

Knowing how to sew can open up a whole new area of sewing related occupations. Many of these jobs do not even require you to sew, but they do require knowledge of sewing.

Don’t want to have your own sewing business right now? Well that’s okay, because knowing how to sew can still help anyone with these skills to embark on a whole new career.

To see a comprehensive list of possible careers that one can pursue in the sewing industry, textile industry, fashion industry, and home decor industry, click here on the link to to see more information about these sewing related occupations There are many great occupations that require sewing skills, do you know of any that you would like to add to our list? Click here to share your thoughts

The categories containing these numerous possible careers listed at are:

Textile Research
Textile Design
Textile Production
Retail Management
Fashion Promotion
Textile Marketing and Sales
Textile Administration
Apparel Design and Production
Apparel Manufacturing
Production Management
Sales and Distribution
Fashion Display
Media Work
Fashion Publicity
The Home Sewing Industry
Pattern Guidesheet and Envelope Production
Pattern Sales and Promotion
Fabric Sales
Related Fields
Fashion Merchandising
Direct Selling
Store Operations
Textile and Clothing Historians
Dry Cleaning
Commercial Laundries
Entrepreneurial Career
Just think about it, these are just the categories! Knowing how to wield a needle and thread and a sewing machine can lead to so many different sewing related occupations.

That being said, the general categories of textile, apparel and furnishings occupations are stated by the Occupational Outlook Handbook are said to be in decline through 2010, for more information about these categories of employment, click on the link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Why are these occupations declining? According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the decline is due to the increase in imports, the use of offshore assembly, and greater productivity due to newer automation resulting in the need for fewer workers.

However, the career list produced by indicates that sewing skills can translate to a much broader career base than just the textile, apparel and furnishings categories.

Some good websites for taking a look at textile, apparel, and furnishings occupations as well as many others are: and Job Bank USA The point is that although the textile, apparel and furnishings categories are declining, sewing skills can translate to a very broad range of professions. The textile, apparel, and furnishings categories can serve as guidelines of the requirements for these professions that can translate to other professions.

There are always some creative ways to make a living even using our sewing skills and these areas are still worth taking a look at.

Do You Have A Job Description For Any Of The Occupations On The List?

The list of sewing related occupations from is comprehensive, but for many of these occupations, there is no information available on the web. Do you have information about any of these occupations? If so, please contribute your information here to help others learn about possible careers.

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