Apparel Design And Production Careers

Apparel design and production careers are those that result in the creation of and making of clothing and accessories for the clothing industry.

Apparel Design and Production:

Duties: The fashion designer designs clothing by creating or adapting original designs. They design clothing for men, women and children, with some specializing in a particular type of clothing, such as coats for example.

Qualifications: These designers must be imaginative and artistic with a flair for color and clothing coordination. There must be a working knowledge of how clothing is constructed, and an eye for fashion trends. They must be technically inclined, have problem solving skills, and the ability to conceptualize in two or three dimensions. They must be self-motivated, must be team players, and have the ability to handle pressure, deadlines, and long hours. There must also be a good business sense. This is a good career for those that enjoy sewing.

Education: The candidate should have a college degree. The associate degree in fashion design or bachelor in fine arts, are degrees that can be obtained.

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Sample Maker:

Duties: The sample maker performs tasks similar to the sewing machine operator. Their work involves producing samples or “mock-ups” of garments to demonstrate to designers or customers what the finished items will look like.

Qualifications: Basic sewing skills are required. This job is generally learned as part of on the job training.

Education: This is a position that requires a basic high school education. Those that have more advanced education can qualify for a better position with the chance of becoming a supervisor.

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Fashion designer careers are so popular that you can also find information by clicking here on the link for the FIDM (Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising) For information about sample makers click on the link here for

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