The Bias Binder Foot – Makes Adding Bias To A Project A Breeze

The bias binder foot is indeed a marvel. This presser foot comes in two types, the standard bias binder, and the adjustable bias binder. This is a great foot for home décor projects such as quilts and any other project that requires a binding. The foot can be used with commercially made bias binding or with bias binding that you make yourself. There are also bias making machines on the market now that make creating your own bias binding easy, as well as bias making rulers that assist the sewer in cutting the bias strips consistently the same width.

Standard Bias Binder

The standard bias binder is an interesting looking foot with a long cone protruding from the foot, which guides and folds in the edges on flat bias strips. The cone also holds single-fold bias tape in place as you sew. The width of bias strips that can be used for binding is limited to a maximum of 1 1/8 inches; this is the maximum width that can be fed through the foot’s cone.

Husqvarna Viking Bias Binder Foot

Standard Bias Binder

For a nice short video on how to use this foot click here on

Adjustable Bias Binder

The adjustable bias binder is a clear plastic foot with a screw and markings on the foot that allow for the adjustment of the width of the finished binding. This foot is generally used to fold double-fold bias tape to the edge of a project, such as a quilt. The width of the finished binding is determined and the foot is adjusted to achieve the desired width. The foot has two screws, one to hold the bias strip while it is being sewn; the second screw is used to adjust the foot to the right or left of the needle so that the stitching catches the edge of the binding.

There is a pdf on how to use the standard bias binder and the adjustable bias binder. For detailed information about how to use the standard bias binder foot and the adjustable bias binder, click here on the link to

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