SBI Review: Using SBI To Start Your Sewing Business Or Any Business

Ready To Go Beyond Sewing Related Occupations? It's Time For SBI!

I've had several careers during my nearly 35 years of working for someone else. I started out after college as a Pulmonary Function Technician working for the Veterans Administration. I found this job did not offer enough mental stimulation, so moved on to a job as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I spent 18 years doing this job, first for the Veterans Administration then in the private sector.

I enjoyed working in health care and I enjoyed working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, but as I got older, carrying a pager and being summoned into the hospital at all hours of the night--sometimes after a long day at work, which often included overtime--got to be too much. So, on a tip, I decided to move to the private regulatory side of healthcare and found a job at one of the health care accreditation organizations. I spent 14 years there and in July of 2009, alas, I lost my job. Due to age and the economy, I knew it was going to be difficult to find a new job. While looking for new employment, I began researching ways to provide income to support myself and my elderly mother who shares a residence with me.

During my research, the idea of working from home kept coming into my head. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time and losing my job was the catalyst to research how I could turn this dream into a reality. While searching for jobs online, including work-at-home opportunities, I came across numerous work-at-home schemes which seemed too good to be true. Why? Because, they promised you you could get rich quick, which I know is not realistic. Besides, I was not interested in getting rich, just supporting myself and my elderly mother.

Finally, I found the ideal solution. A solution that not only lets me work at home, but one that lets me build a business online, and build a business around something that I love doing... sewing! What did I find? SBI also known as Site Build It!

SBI Review

If YOU have a topic that you know a lot about, you could turn it into an online business. That may sound far-fetched, but it's very doable using SBI. By the way, SBI stands for Site Build It, which is an all-in-one business website and business-building platform. It helps people of all ages and skill levels to build a successful business from any location , including home.

What subject do you know about? Is it a job or multiple jobs? How about a life experience or challenge you've managed to overcome? Helping others with your strength and inspiration can be a very rewarding business. You can also choose a subject for which you have a lot of passion like hobbies and life interests. With SBI, you can examine all of the possibilities and discover if there's way to turn them into a business.

Think you don't know anything worthwhile or anything that would be profitable? Of course, some topics, like business-related topics, are obviously more monetizable than others. However, many people are surprised to find out that some purpose-filled topics can generate an income, too.

A lot of people would love to quit their jobs then go live and work wherever they want. With SBI you can live and work wherever you want, but whether you can quit your job is something nobody can guarantee. It varies person to person and site to site. Although many people do SBI full time, it's best to look at it as a way to earn extra money, then plan to grow it beyond that. Even an extra income, one that keeps paying month after month, is a very exciting prospect.

How does SBI work?

First of all, it teaches you how to research and lay out your business well ahead of time. It also teaches you how to avoid pitfalls that many people get lured into. Then you learn to build free traffic from a variety of sources and how to turn those visitors into revenue.

This is all done through SBI's step-by-step Action Guide which teaches you everything from start to finish. Then, you get the help of the friendly SBI community in the SBI forums and when you need technical help, Support is there to lend a hand. There is an in-depth library where you can find expert advice on just about any topic related to site building or running an online business. If you can't find it, post a question in the forums. Someone there has usually encountered the same thing and can give you helpful advice.

You don't need to be a techie or know any coding

Site Build It has a site builder included and it's so easy to use, even a caveman can do it! Seriously, it's easy. It's based on drag and drop technology, so all you have to do is "visualize" what you want and drag things to where you want them to be. It really is easy. However, if even visualizing is over your head, they have tons of very slick design templates that you can plug and play. Then just type in your unique elements and voila! You're all set!

Shouldn't I just use something that's free?

Yes, there are free options out there, but let's talk apples and apples. When you use a free platform, you typically can't do anything to monetize it. Or you have to share that monetization. People who are serious about building a business don't use free platforms. You get what you pay for!

Don't forget the guarantee

You have 90 days to test drive SBI. If you try it and decide it isn't for you, you can have your money back. Anybody who's interested will probably like that idea. It takes the risk out of giving it a shot.

Ready to learn more?

Take the next step and give the video below a watch.

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You too can begin on the path to reaching your work at home dream!

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Much success to you on your journey!

Peggy Joyce Gaddis

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