Sewing Machine Feet – What Are They And What Are They Used For?

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Sewing Machine Feet  Attachment Book  Sewing Machine Feet Sewing Machine Feet

Sewing machine feet are the attachments that exert pressure on the fabric as it is fed under the needle and moved along by the feed dogs. Sewing machine feet also provide the personal touch to your sewing project.

Depending on the whether the machine is mechanical, electronic or computerized, there are larger and larger numbers of feet available as the complexity of the sewing machine increases. There are different types of presser feet for utility garment sewing, home décor sewing, crafting and decorative sewing, heirloom sewing, quilting, embroidery, and serger sewing.

The huge variety of presser feet combined with the multitude of sewing stitches is what puts the ease, creativity, and fun into any sewing project. With so many presser feet and stitches to choose from, it is very easy to create a unique project without duplicating what someone else has done.

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The different sewing machine manufacturers have certain presser feet in common, as well as presser feet that are unique to their brand of sewing machine. The following list is by no means a list of all of the presser feet that exist among the sewing machine companies, but they are some of the more common presser feet that one can purchase for one’s particular type of sewing.

Presser Feet
All Purpose
Bias Binding
Blind Hem
Button Sewing
Circle Stitch Attachment
Clear Embroidery
Curve Master
Edge Joining
Invisible Zipper
Open Toe
Quarter Inch
Rolled Hem
Satin Stitch

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Do You Have A Favorite Sewing Machine Foot?

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