Curve Master Foot – Mastering Curved Seams For Quilting

The curve master foot is a marvelous invention for the quilter. This ingenious presser foot is designed to sew curved quilt blocks. This wonderful foot can be used to sew quilt blocks for patterns such as Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring, and Wheel of Whimsy, all of which contain circle blocks.

The wonder of this presser foot is that it eliminates the puckering in these blocks which can occur when trying to piece circles the conventional way on the sewing machine.

The foot is wide with very short toes, unlike other presser feet, which makes it easy to maneuver and join opposite curved edges. There is a ¼ inch guide bar for stitching the required ¼ inch seam allowance that is required for quilting.

Another interesting feature of this foot is that there are multiple adaptors that allow the foot to be connected to a wide variety of sewing machine vendors, all one has to do is choose the correct adaptor for your sewing machine. The adaptor is actually connected to the sewing machine before the foot is attached. The great thing is that when the curve master is purchased, it comes with six adaptors, so you don’t have to buy them individually.

Sewing machine settings are straight forward, so there are no special needles that must be used, the needle is the universal needle, a straight stitch is used, and both the needle and bobbin thread is all-purpose thread. The only tool required is either a stiletto or tweezers.

This foot was created by a quilter for quilters, and I was overjoyed to realize when I purchased my current sewing machine at auction, that this marvel was included with the other presser feet!

Curve Master Presser Foot

Curve Master Foot

For some really nice videos on using the curve master foot click here on the link to

This is another one of those presser feet that is best demonstrated through video, and there are several on YouTube for viewing.

For a nice tutorial on using the curve master click here on the link to

There is a correct way to attach the adaptor so that it does not break, for some nice tips on how to properly attach the adaptor to the foot click here on the link to

Some excellent references about presser feet are:

• The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook by Charlene Phillips

• Fancy Footworks – Book and/or DVD by Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman’s presser foot manual actually has a section on the foot called universal curve master, which provides some excellent information on using the foot. There is also a demonstration of this foot on her DVD.

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