The Clear Embroidery Foot – Better Visibility, Better Stitch Accuracy

The clear embroidery foot provides greater visibility for free motion embroidery, regular machine embroidery and decorative stitching. With the unobstructed view of your work, this foot is a snap to use. In fact this foot comes as a snap on foot, and is unique to one particular manufacturer.

Clear Embroidery Foot

Embroidery Foot

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This particular foot should not be confused with the clear foot or the open toe embroidery foot, which is a clear foot which has a wide opening and a groove on the underside of the foot to allow thicker stitches to pass under the foot without getting caught and jamming, this is a foot that is ideal for doing appliqué and other sewing where precision is required.

The foot should also not be confused with the darning/embroidery foot, which is often a clear foot.

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Some excellent references about presser feet are:

• The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook by Charlene Phillips

• Fancy Footworks – Book and/or DVD by Nancy Zieman

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