Want To Learn Sewing, But Don't
Know Where To Begin?

Sewing is my passion! For me there is nothing more creative or more relaxing after a stressful day. In this economy there is nothing like saving money by making your own professional looking clothes, your own bedding or even doing your own home décor.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you made that beautiful quilt covering your bed. That eye catching table cloth, table runner and napkins gracing your dining room table look so professional, that no one can tell that they were not purchased from a store. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on the face of a friend when you give her that baby blanket for her little granddaughter that you made yourself.

This is an art form that has come a long way, since way back in the Garden of Eden, mentioned in the Bible book of Genesis when the first garments were sewn for Adam and Eve. It has a long history among humankind and can truly be said to be as old as the human race. It certainly can be said to be one of the most practical, without learning to sew, we would all still be running around wearing nothing more than fig leaves!

Want to learn to how? Want to find the right machine for you? Want to know how to find inexpensive patterns or even free patterns? Want to know what fabric to use and for what project?

Then this site is for you.

I have often come across fantastic sites full of useful information, just what I was looking for in fact. One day I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have access to some of these fantastic sites all from one site.

As a result my idea for this site was born. From this site I would like to share with you some of the most useful information that I have come across to make my life easier and yours too.

This site will lead you to information that can help you to:

• Find lessons or specific projects that meet your needs

• Pick a machine with the features that you are looking for

• Find patterns at reasonable prices and even free patterns

• Learn what supplies you will need for what projects

• See what fabrics are right for what projects

Here you will be directed to everything you need to customize your own experience to make it fun. There is a wealth of information out there for experienced enthusiasts and new enthusiasts alike. You just have to know where to find it.

So, come join me on my travels through the sewing world.