Textile Administration Careers

Textile administration involves the running or managing of some aspect of the textile industry.

Data Processing Employee:

Duties: The data processing employee uses computers to manage and store information. These employees work with payroll and accounting, requiring knowledge of business administration as well as the specialized training in computer operations, concepts of computer programming and modern management accounting.

Qualifications: This field also requires the ability for thinking clearly and logically. They must also communicate and work well with others.

Education: The minimum education required is an associate’s degree in business data processing technology.

Purchasing Agent:

Duties: Purchasing agents are responsible for procurement and purchasing activities, in other words buying for their company. This individual is responsible for purchasing the raw materials, goods and services needed by their company. They work closely with such departments as receiving and supply.

Qualifications: Some of the skills required are a calm temperament, confidence in their decision making abilities, diplomacy, tact, and cooperativeness. It is also important to have a thorough knowledge of business practices, and an understanding of the needs and activities of the organization. There must also be an understanding of social and economic changes as a predictor of the amounts and types of products that must be purchased.

Education: The candidate seeking this position should have a bachelor’s degree and some companies prefer candidates with a master’s degree. The degree is generally in business, although there are schools that offer majors in purchasing.

For more information about the textile administration career of purchasing agent click here on the link for State University.com For more information about data processing employees you can check your local library’s Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance – Volume 3, Fourteenth Edition by Infobase Publishing.

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