Textile Design Careers

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the definition of textile design is the process of creating designs for knitted, woven or printed fabrics.

Textile Designer:

Duties: Designers create fabric designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed materials for clothing, furnishings, and other textile products. They do this using artistic, color, and technical skills.

The designer produces hand drawn sketches or computer generated sketches using CAD software on a computer. They also make up samples or have them constructed by technicians. They research design trends and forecasts to predict what might sell. They also keep updated on developments in manufacturing technology. These individuals could either work in the manufacturing industry or as free lancers.

Textile Stylist:

Duties: The textile stylist conducts market research to find innovative ideas and new fabric technologies to add to the brand. They also travel to conduct their research and work with retailers and wholesalers to determine the direction of the brand. Stylists also partner with merchandizing, production and design departments to provide fashion direction for designers and manufacturers. They utilize fashion models to show fashion designers what the fabric possibilities are. In other words, the stylist plans and coordinates the concepts for, development of, and production of a textile producer’s annual fabric line. They also work as liaisons between the design and production staff to make sure that the look of the line is correct.

Qualifications: Problem solving skills are a must, to enable the designer and stylist to fill the need of the customer and create products that sell at the right price, yet are esthetically pleasing as well.

Education: The individual pursuing these textile careers would generally be required to have a degree in a design or textile related subjects, which would be either a Bachelor of Science degree or a Master of Science degree.Some schools even offer doctorates.

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