Textile Marketing And Sales Careers

Textile marketing deals with what motivates consumers to buy. Marketing for the textile industry also focuses on the promotion of clothing and fabric products. Knowledge of the product’s design aspects or special features assists in marketing. Textile sales focuses on the sale of textiles to those that manufacture finished products.

Market Analyst:

Duties: To collect and analyze data for evaluating existing and potential product and service markets. It also involves identifying and monitoring competitors and researching market conditions or changes in the industry that might affect sales. They also coordinate textile design and production with overall fashion developments.

Textile Sales Representative:

Duties: Sells the raw materials to companies for the production of yarn or finished yarn to textile manufacturers or finished fabrics to apparel manufacturers. They make sales calls, give presentations, answer customer questions and negotiate purchase prices for the raw materials.

Qualifications: Some of the skills required are analysis and interpretation of information, problem solving, being detail oriented, goal oriented, organization skills, professionalism, and collaborating with others.

Education: Academic preparation can be anywhere from an associate degree to a masters degree in apparel and marketing of textiles.

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