Retail Management Careers

Retail Management is a term that is used to describe a range of management level jobs within the retail industry.

Manager - Retail:

Duties: The duties of this manager would depend on the products that the store sells and whether it is part of a chain. Those duties could include managing and motivating staff; ensuring that the store or department meets targeted sales; looking for ways to increase sales and improve efficiency; managing the level of stocks; analysis of sales figures and forecasting future sales; dealing with thefts, recruitment and training of new staff; monitoring competitors, market trends and customer expectations; making sure that standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met; handling customer complaints and questions; and organizing special promotions, displays and special events.

Merchandise Manager:

Duties: The merchandise manager supervises the buying and distribution of accessories and apparel for retail stores, divisions, chains or departments. The manager also monitors buying decisions of fashion buyers and maintains the quality and quantity of product distribution and inventory. They also travel to trade shows and industry events to keep up-to-date with fashion trends and forecasts.

Fashion Coordinator:

Duties: The fashion coordinator works with buyers and salespeople to coordinate the different departments of a retail store or chain to make sure that all departments and stores provide a consistent fashion look.

Qualifications: Many begin their career path as sales assistants. Those seeking to pursue this career path must have skill development in strategic management, marketing, supply management, product and brand management, retail operations, merchandising and personnel management unique to the retail industry. These skills are necessary to become leaders in the industry.

Education: There are Bachelor Degree programs in this field of management. Those who are already retail managers may also pursue a certificate program in retail leadership as a means to further advancement on the academic path.

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