Sales And Distribution Careers

Sales and distribution careers are related to getting the product or service into the hands of the customer.

Sales Manager:

Duties: The sales manager organizes and leads a team of sales representatives. They set sales targets for individual sales staff as well as the entire sales team, and this is usually based on the targets set by the head office. The sales manager also recruits and trains sales staff, allocates territory to the sales reps, develops sales strategies and sets target sales, monitors the team’s performance and motivates them to reach targets, compiles and analyzes sales figures, collects customer feedback and conducts market research, keeps up to date with products and competitors and reports back to senior management.

Qualifications: The candidate for sales manager will need sales experience with a proven track record of achieving target sales. In addition, there should be excellent sales and negotiation skills, good business sense, the ability to lead and motivate a team, excellent communication and people skills, good planning and organizational skills, the ability to work under pressure, IT skills, and budget and report preparation skills.

Education: The requirements can be a bachelor or master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

Market Researcher:

Duties: This career is also called market analyst. The candidate for this career collects and analyzes all kinds of information to help companies improve their products, establish or modify sales and distribution policies, and to make decisions regarding the future plans and directions of the company. In addition, they are responsible for conducting research in-house and outside of the company, then interpreting the results, explaining the compiled data, and developing research tools.

Qualifications: Some skills required are attention to detail, accuracy, and the ability to work with words and numbers and have problem solving abilities geared toward data collection and analysis.

Education: A bachelor’s degree is required. Some of the majors that are good for this career are marketing and business administration. Some companies also prefer that the candidate for this position have a master’s degree in business administration.


Duties: The candidate for this career analyzes apparel and market trends and forecasts, sales data, and production costs to decide what fashions and accessories and apparel manufacturers will produce each fashion season. They also work closely with sales representatives, designers, and stylists.

Qualifications: The candidate should have organization skills, communication skills, be motivated, and have some retail experience.

Education: This is generally an entry level position requiring a high school diploma and on the job training.

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