Production Management Careers

Production management in the textile industry relates to the effective use of resources to produce a targeted number of products on schedule that meet specified cost, performance, quality and waste requirements.

Piece Goods Buyer:

Duties: The piece goods buyer acts as a purchasing agent in researching and buying fabrics, trims, and notions that have been selected by design staff. They also work with textile producers to assure product quality and timely delivery.

Qualifications: The candidate for this position should be able to set their own agenda and work independently, demonstrates originality, shows flexibility and adaptability, enjoys working with others and can function on a team, has the ability to be an innovator, has creative problem solving abilities, understands the business framework of the apparel and textile industries, and has strong oral, and written and nonverbal communication skills.

Education: The candidate for this career will have an apparel or textile related degree.

Industrial Engineer:

Duties: Industrial engineers manage and develop the human, technological, logistical, and material resources of a production system with an emphasis on efficiency, productivity, and quality. They determine the most efficient and cost effective methods for production.

Qualifications: Industrial engineers must have strong analytical and creative thinking abilities, and good communication skills due to the variety of professionals that they work with.

Education: The candidate for this career will have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in industrial engineering.

Quality Control Engineer:

Duties: Quality control engineers plan and direct procedures and activities that ensure the quality of materials and goods. In order to accomplish their goal, they select the best techniques for a specific process or method, and then determine the level of quality needed, and then take the necessary actions to maintain or improve quality.

Qualifications: The candidate for this career should have scientific and mathematical abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities. They must also possess good judgment in order to weigh all of the factors that influence quality.

Education: The degree requirement is generally a bachelor’s in some area of engineering. For more information on the production management career of piece goods buyer click here on the link to Washington State University

For more information on the career of industrial engineer click here on the link to Education For more information about the career of quality control engineer click here on the link to Fifth Light Technology In addition, information about industrial engineers can be found in the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Volume 3, by Infobase Publishing and information about quality control engineers can be found in the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Volume 5. These encyclopedias can be found at the local public library or can be purchased at

These are just a few of the careers listed under the production management category of careers, there are many more.

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