Direct Selling Careers

Direct selling is the sale of consumer products or services person-to-person as opposed to a fixed retail location. The products and services are generally marketed to customers by independent salespersons.

Retail Salesperson:

Duties: These individuals assist others in finding items that they may be seeking. These individuals also attempt to increase sales by describing the features of products, demonstrating the product’s usage and promoting its value. In addition, these individuals conduct financial transactions with customers to complete a sale.

Qualifications: For this career, individuals are sought who enjoy working with people, who have good communication skills, are interested in sales work, with a neat appearance and courteous manner.

Education: At the minimum a high school education. Those that seek to enter management may pursue a college degree.

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For more information about this career category click here on the link for the Direct Selling Association For more information about retail salesperson careers click here on the link for the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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