Careers In Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is the combination of processes that a new fashion item must go through before it becomes available in mass quantities to the consumer market after it leaves the hands of the designer. In relation to fashion, merchandising refers to the techniques used to sell fashion to the consumer after the fashion items are purchased from the manufacturer.

Retail Buyer:

Duties: The retail buyer is responsible for the procurement of new products and analyzing the success of existing products to ensure the continued competitiveness of the company. The retail buyer must have a firm grasp of inventory management, planning and forecasting, and dealing with contract negotiations for the procurement of new products. They must also conduct research to identify opportunities for company growth.

Qualifications: The candidate for this career should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with strong analytical and numerical skills.

Education: A high school diploma is required. Further education for a retail buyer would be a bachelor’s degree in retail marketing or a related concentration. Management Trainee:

Duties: The management trainee participates in training experiences, learns new skills, and demonstrates increasing proficiency and expertise with management responsibilities.

Qualifications: The candidate for this career should demonstrate natural leadership abilities, confidence and an air of authority. They should also exhibit self-motivation, resourcefulness, creativity, organization skills, and pay attention to details and display a commitment to excellence. These individuals should also be outgoing and approachable. Excellent communication skills are also needed.

Education: At the minimum a high school diploma or equivalent. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree may be required for some retail specialties, with concentrations in different disciplines.

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