Fabric Sales Careers

Fabric sales careers consist of salespersons in fabric stores, subscription fabric club personnel, and home-based fabrics sales representatives. There is not a lot of specific information on these careers, information is more general and related to the general career category of sales representative.

Salesperson In Fabric Store:

Duties: To assist customers with fabric store purchases, and to be able to measure and cut fabric accurately.

Qualifications: The candidate for this position should enjoy working with people, and should have financial skills to handle sales transactions.

Education: This is an entry level job for someone with a high school diploma. These individuals can move on to sales representative careers with more schooling and experience.

Home-Based Fabric Sales Representative:

Duties: This individual makes sales to those that are part of the home décor industry which would include upholsterers, and those in the interior design industry. Sales representatives can usually include locating and contacting potential new clients, keeping in contact with existing clients, determining client needs, and informing those clients of products and pricing. The sales representative must also travel to meetings with clients, show samples or catalogs, take orders, and arrange for merchandise deliveries. An important duty is to handle customer complaints. They must also keep up to date regarding new products.

Qualifications: The candidate for this career should enjoy working with people, be self-confident, enthusiastic and self-disciplined.

Education: A high school diploma is required. Some of those pursuing this career may have an education at the college level.

For more information on fabric sales careers such as sales representative click on the link for the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Additional information on the sales representative careers can be found in the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Volume 5, by Infobase Publishers.

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