Pattern Guidesheet And Envelope Production Careers

The pattern guidesheet and envelope production careers are part of the apparel workers industry.

Technical Writer:

Duties: Technical writers create technical materials, such as equipment manuals, appendices or operating and maintenance instructions. They may also assist in layout work.

Qualifications: These individuals must be able to write articles and reports that explain ideas, either ones that are scientific or technical in simple terms. The individual must also have knowledge of how to use software programs used by technical writers.

Education: A college degree is required in the form of a certificate or degree in technical writing. Some employers may prefer a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism or a scientific or engineering area. Illustrator:

Duties: The illustrator is a graphic artist whose role as illustrator is to enhance writing by providing corresponding visual representation to the content of associated text. Computers are used to produce most commercial illustrations.

Qualifications: The illustrator needs to be firmly grounded in the visual arts such as composition and color theory.

Education: A high school education. Many potential illustrators attend art school or college to obtain an education in painting and drawing techniques.


Duties: The marker makes paper patterns usually by using a computer. The pattern contains cutting lines, buttonhole and pocket placements, pleats, darts, and other pattern details. The patterns are also graded by computer for several different sizes. The pattern is now ready for mass production.

Qualifications: Some of the general requirements are knowledge of fabrics and their characteristics, good hand-eye coordination, and the ability to perform repetitious tasks is necessary.

Education: A high school education is necessary, beyond that vocational training or work experience is a plus. On the job training is the general means of learning the trade.

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For more information on the pattern guidesheet and envelope production career of illustrator, click here on the link to For more information on the pattern guidesheet and envelope production career of marker see the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Volume 2, by Infobase Publishers found at the local public library.

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