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White Sewing Machines

In 1858 Thomas H. White began his dream of producing a small, hand operated sewing machine. In 1876 the White Sewing Machines Company was born.

The company’s list of products consists of sewing machines, embroidery machines, machines for quilting and sergers. There is a tips sheet to help potential customers find the right sewing machine as one browses through the products offered.

What do they have that stands out among the rest? They have one of the few mini sewing machines on the market. This machine called the Sew Cute SC20, runs on batteries and comes in three colors. The machine is stated to be for quick mending and sewing. But, I can see this machine as a tool to teach a child to sew. It is just the right size and comes in some pretty colors that would make it interesting to a little girl.

They also have a machine that is considered a Jeans machine for working with heavy duty fabrics.

Their sewing machines do not really have a lot of brochures only a specifications list. The emphasis is on their sergers. Two of their three sergers have downloadable brochures and one has a brief video demonstration. There is also a tips sheet provided for working with their sergers.

There is also a nice list of some sewing projects that one make with instructions that can be printed out in pdf format. One that I liked was the denim jacket.

One other nice feature is that they have a nationwide listing of where to find their machines. Their machines are also sold at Joann Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics and allbrands.com. So there are plenty of places to find these sewing products. For further information on the White sewing machines one can go to whitesewing.com

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