Babylock Sewing Machines - Innovation in Serger Technology

Babylock Sewing Machines

Babylock is a company that was created in 1964 by Japanese industrial engineers, determined to create a better, smaller serger with the home sewer in mind. At one time one could only obtain that finished look in apparel that was created by a serger in the industrial market from an industrial machine. There were no sergers for the home sewer.

This is a company that has patented innovative technology for sergers that according to the company makes threading their sergers as easy as the ”touch of a button.”

For anyone that has ever owned a serger and experienced the frustration of trying to get the serger threaded properly the first time around, an innovation in serger threading technology would be quite an accomplishment!

Babylock sewing machines is the brand of sewing and serging machines used by Nancy Zieman on her PBS sewing program, Sewing With Nancy. Nancy is also a spokeswoman for the brand.

By going to the website you can see all of the Babylock sewing machines products that they offer by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the “Site Map” link. In addition to sergers, there is a large selection of sewing machines, embroidery machines, and quilting machines to choose from. Their top of the line machines are elegant looking with nicely produced online brochures and nice video presentations of the products. One of the really nice features that I noticed on the top of the line sewing and embroidery machines is the large touch screen that makes it easy to see machine settings and to program in desired stitches.

The company also has a website called designed to encourage girls and young women to sew. Babylock true to what they state on their website does not sell their machines online. As a result you will have to look for actual physical locations where their products are sold.

It is also worthwhile to read their “About Us” page which gives you a good idea about their sewing philosophy. Reading what a company states about themselves can give you an idea of why you might want to consider buying their product over the many other brands out there with similar features.

A sewing machine, embroidery machine, quilting machine or serger might not just be another one of the same after all.

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