Bernina Sewing Machines - The Magnificant Swiss Machine

Bernina sewing machines has a long history in Switzerland. As early as 1890, Karl Friedrich Gegauf established an embroidery shop for producing an embroidery machine capable of monogramming. Like so many other sewing machine companies, the focus was initially on the creation and manufacture of machines for the industrial market.

The next primary interest was in producing a machine for stitching hems. In 1892 Karl Friedrich Gegauf was apparently successful in solving a technical problem leading to the first machine for hem stitching. The diligent efforts of this inventor led after his death to the first domestic sewing machine being developed in 1932 and being given the name Bernina after a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Bernina Sewing Machines products are located at The “Site Map” lists a wealth of products from sewing and quilting machines, to embroidery machines to sergers which are referred to on their site by what they are designed to do, overlock.

By clicking on a product of interest one can download a brochure about the product. The company does sell some of its machines online. I found several of their industrial sewing machines as well as one of their sewing/embroidery machines at As a quilter, one of the products that I really like on this site is the quilt frame designed for two of their machines. This frame attaches to the sewing machine and allows you to manage the stitching of a large quilt. The site even provides a sequential series of short instructional videos to supplement the instruction manual. For anyone who has ever tried to assemble anything just using the written instructions, this is a nice bonus!

Part of the Bernina sewing machines sewing philosophy is to support the charitable organizations Sew Red for the American Heart Association and The Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

The site also provides numerous downloadable sewing projects in pdf format to enhance the sewing fun of the product owner. The site also sponsors a number of special sewing events. The site is just full of incentives to induce prospective purchasers of their products to buy.

The site is loaded with not just products, but all sorts of information to help potential purchasers to make an informed decision regarding whether one of their machines is one that they would like to take a closer look at.

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