Brother Sewing Machines - An International Giant

Although the parent company of Brother sewing machines is located in Japan, its American subsidiary was established in 1954 and is located in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

The look of their website is very businesslike in keeping with all of the business products that they sell, in addition to their sewing divisions.

On their Site Map, there is a home sewing and embroidery menu as well as an industrial embroidery and sewing menu.

Home Sewing and Embroidery

There is a line of Brother sewing machines, quilting machines, embroidery machines and sergers. One of the nice features is the downloadable manuals in pdf format. Manuals can be expensive if for some reason one was not received with the machine or if the manual is lost for some reason, so this is definitely a nice feature. It certainly is a lot cheaper to print out the manual and get it bound than to pay the cost of having a manual sent to you, which includes the cost of the manual itself and shipping and tax.

Like other manufacturers of sewing machines, this company also has something state of the art and unique to offer. One of the most fabulous jaw dropping machines that is currently being promoted on their home sewing site is their new Entrepreneur Pro-650 Embroidery Machine for the home sewer that wants to start a home embroidery business! Their ad and brochure almost made me want to set up an embroidery business right now!

If you want to take a look at any of this company’s products especially its new embroidery marvel, then go to the site for Brother sewing machines to check out their line of home sewing products.

Their sewing products are also sold widely online at shopping sites such as In addition, they are a sponsor of the popular Project Runway series and some of the machines associated with this program can be purchased at the site.

For those that are quilters, certain models of the Grace quilting frame support certain models of their sewing machines can also be found at

Brother Sewing products can also be found at and and and

Industrial Sewing and Embroidery

If one is anticipating starting their own garment manufacturing business or becoming a seamstress or tailor or even a fashion designer, there are a large number of industrial sewing machines, industrial embroidery machines, and single and double needle overlook machines to take a look at. Although these machines seem more appropriate for the manufacturing area, they are certainly compact enough to be used by the small business. They even have garment printers to make those fascinating printed tee shirts that we see everywhere.

They have just about everything that you need all on one site to start your own industrial business or home based business on a smaller scale!

Whether for the home sewer or the industrial sewer, it can be said that brother sewing machines are a company that truly does have something for everyone.

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