Elna Sewing Machines -The Innovator

Elna sewing machines is a Swiss company that has been offering sewing machines since 1940.

The company’s “About Us” gives a brief, but interesting synopsis of their company. This is a company that represents itself as a ground breaker and innovator.

A very nice innovation that I noticed while looking through the information on one of their top of the line computerized sewing machines (Elna Q6600) was a very unique storage area for the sewing feet. Instead of just the usual accessory box on the free arm to store everything, there is a storage space on the right side of the machine, which is behind a cover and is used to store the sewing feet. There is also a storage area under the top cover where bobbins can be stored. All of this storage keeps everything neat and tidy. This is indeed an innovation!

Among the company’s Elna sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers, there is also another unique offering, the steam press. Generally, you will not get that fresh from the dry cleaners pressing of your clothes, except from the cleaners. But, with this offering you can get that professionally pressed look to your fashion creation adding to the professional look of your finished project.

There is also a nice side by side comparison chart of their products to each other, sewing machines to sewing machines, etc.

The site’s “Dealer Locator” may only provide a few locations in certain areas. Their products are not sold on their website and there was only one embroidery machine listed at AllBrands.com, so this could be a drawback to really investigating one of their machines up close and personal. However, the “Dealer Locator” does find places in the U.S. where their products can be found.

Sewing products by Elna sewing machines can be found at elnausa.com

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