Pfaff Sewing Machines – A Company With Creative Energy

Pfaff sewing machines is a German company founded in 1862 by Georg Michael Pfaff. The first machine was designed to sew leather for the manufacture of shoes.

This is one of three companies owned by SVP Worldwide. The other two are Husqvarna and Singer creating a sewing machine manufacturing giant.

The Pfaff sewing machines company has the standard selection of sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers. So, what do they have that sets them apart from other companies?

The Hobby 350p Punching Machine that’s what. This is a machine that does not use any thread, but instead creates its designs using a series of needles. The machine is designed to work with layered fabrics to create its unique designs. This machine is designed to be a complement to your sewing machine.

Another creative claim to fame is their IDT (integrated dual feed) technology integrated into their sewing machines, eliminating fabric slippage. This technology is ideal for sewing stretch fabric, helping them to maintain their shape as they are sewn. The technology is also good for quilting projects, gripping the multiple layers of the quilt securely.

The site refers to its machines as minimalist design, originally created in Germany. Minimalist, meaning less is more. These machines from their sewing machines to embroidery machines to sergers are indeed minimalist in design. There are not a lot of knobs and attachments sticking out, as may be seen on the machines of some other manufactuers. Their machines are neat and tidy looking.

Another unique feature is that their sergers (overlocks) are broken down into what they call coverlocks and hobbylocks. The coverlock machines sew, trim, serge and hem. The hobbylocks sew, trim and serge. For that professional store bought finish to any garment, a serger is a must and this company gives you plenty of unique choices.

I know that a serger does wonders for any sewing project, because until I bought my very first serger years ago, my own creations looked like what they were, handmade clothing. So, in my mind, any company that puts such emphasis on their sergers is definitely worth taking a look at.

There’s more! For the home quilter or anyone who wants to start a quilting business, there is a unique device on their site called QBOT created by a company called Inspira. With this device one can create professional looking quilts. The QBOT does the quilting for you. Unlike some other devices where you have to move the device connected to your sewing machine over the quilt, the QBOT does it all for you, hands free! To learn more about QBOT one can go to Pfaff sewing machines is just loaded with creative features on their site! All of these unique Pfaff sewing machines creations can be found at To find other places that sell these products the site’s “Dealer Locator” can find sellers within 100 miles of your location. In addition, the online retailer also sells some models of their sewing machines, mainly the industrial models.

With so much to offer this company’s products can be said to enhance the sewer’s creativity in a number of ways.

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