Juki Sewing Machines - A Company With An Industrial Flavor

Juki sewing machines a Japanese company began manufacturing sewing machines for the home market in 1947.

The American site has both a site for industrial machines and for home sewing machines. There is even a Sewing Center in Japan where visitors can go to try out the industrial and home sewing machines.

Their industrial machines consist of those for apparel sewing and those for leather sewing. One unique feature of their industrial site is that they sell books related to the garment industry. Seminars and training are also offered for their industrial clients.

Although parts of their home sewing site are still under construction, their sewing machines products in the categories of sergers, computerized machines and quilters have some offerings in each category. The category with the most products to are the sergers. This is probably because sergers began strictly as an industrial machine in the garment industry. With a background in industrial sewing, it is not surprising that there are more sergers in their home sewing category than either quilting machines or computerized sewing machines.

There are actually only three sewing machines and two quilting machines being offered; however, there are six sergers being offered. In addition, most of the brochures presented are for their sergers, with none for their quilting machines and only one for one of their sewing machines.

To view what Juki sewing machines has to offer one can go to juki.com Their products are sold at places such as Joann Fabrics and allbrands.com.

At present this sites composition mainly shows its industrial background, but still has something to offer for the home sewer.

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