Singer Sewing Machines Put The S In Sewing

In 1851 the Singer sewing machines company was formed by Isaac Merritt Singer. The company created the first zig zag machine and the first electronic sewing machines.

This is probably the most well known of all of the sewing machine companies in the U.S, because it is an American company.

Even as a child learning to sew, I learned on my mom’s sewing machine and this was the brand that she sewed on. For a long time, I think a lot of us didn’t even realize that there was any other sewing machine. For the American sewer, this company is indeed synonymous with sewing.

This company also has a wide range of sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers. One of the features that I like on their sight is the tool called “Choose the Right Machine.” By answering questions in certain categories, this tool can recommend machines that you might like. It is a nice way to narrow down one’s search for a nice machine among so many choices.

Another feature of this site that is helpful is the “Sewing Resources” section of the site. One of the downloadable tools is the “Presser Feet Instructions.”

Another useful feature is the workbooks and downloadable manuals for some of their machines. I was able to download the manual and have it bound, for their top of the line serger, which I own, as well as the accompanying workbook. Of course this is not true for all of their products, most have a cost. But, to be able to obtain a free download of a manual for a top of the line product was a plus. They also have some instructional DVDs that can be purchased for some of their machines, which take you step by step through use of the product.

The sewing books produced by the company are also excellent for teaching sewing techniques. I have over the years purchased quite a number of them and find them detailed and very useful and I have quite a few of them in my personal sewing library.

These are just some of the pluses from this Singer sewing machines site which is located at Singer sewing machines products are so widely available that they can be found both at Joann Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, and

There is one unique combination package that the company offers in a sewing machine and serger package that I have not seen at any other company. The package is literally a separate sewing machine and serger for one price, in fact half of the reported retail price. This unique combo package is currently being sold on HSN.

With everything that the singer sewing machines company has to offer, and it’s willingness to engage in cost savings partnerships with some sellers, it can be said that they really do put the S in sewing.

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