Looking For Sewing Lessons Instructors Or Want To Become One?

Searching For A Sewing Teacher?

Sewing lessons instructors fill a very important role. In the absence of moms to teach us to sew, they are priceless.

If books and e-books don’t work for you, and videos and DVDs are too impersonal, then I am happy to say that you can still learn to sew by paying a sewing teacher. Yes, they do exist!

One place to start if you don’t personally know of a sewing teacher is the Palmer/Pletsch School of Sewing’s C.S.I (Certified Sewing Instructor) directories by clicking on the palmerpletsch.com link. The “Find a Teacher” menu has links for those needing a teacher for beginning classes and for more advanced classes.

For moms there are those that can teach young children to sew!

Sewing teachers can also be found on the youcanmakeit.com website by going to the “Learn to Sew” menu. Toward the middle of the page is a link that has a “this form” link to click on to fill out information to request a sewing teacher. The You Can Make It instructors are licensed teachers.

The teacher finder on sewing.org works a little differently. Under the “Sewing Education” menu, the “Find a Sewing Teacher” link allows you to search for a specific teacher or you can simply search by city and state and a list of teachers will come up for that zip code area, if you leave the “name” blank.

Want to Become A Sewing Teacher?

In addition to providing sewing teachers for those that want to learn to sew, the three sites listed above also provide training for those that want to become teachers.

Therefore, education for those that want to become sewing teachers is provided through:

The Sewing & Craft Alliance at sewing.org that provides a link at TrainedSewingInstructor.com for information about sewing lessons instructors and their program for training sewing instructors

The Palmer/Pletsch International School of sewing at palmerpletsch.com provides a link called Sewing Workshops and Teacher Training for information about their program for teacher training.

The You Can Make It site at youcanmakeit.com provides a Be a Teacher link that provides access to a form that can be filled out to request information on how to become a sewing teacher.

Whether your goal is to learn to sew or to learn to teach sewing, these sites are good places to start to find sewing lessons instructors.

For more ways to find sewing instruction, click the links below.

For a great web based site for e-sewing lessons, click below on eSewing Workshop.com.

Learn sewing online with video lessons.

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