PBS Sewing Programs Provide A Long History of Creative Sewing

What are PBS sewing programs?

Public television also known as the PBS network, has a long history of education in the creative arts. There are several PBS sewing programs that have aired regularly for many years.

Some of the channels are actually extensions of the city colleges (community colleges) and one can even obtain education credits by watching programs on television.

The sewing programs that are aired are basically an extension of the sewing schools that these sewing instructors have created.

The PBS sewing programs contain course outlines as well as DVDs of the episodes that air. In addition, the hosts of these programs have websites where one can obtain information about these episodes. There are also some free downloads of some of the projects that are demonstrated.

Recommended books and supplies for projects demonstrated can also be obtained from the websites of the instructors.

The most enduring programs have been:

Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy with host Nancy Zieman is produced by Wisconsin Public Television (WPT). This is considered one of the longest running sewing programs on PBS, having been on the air for 26 years.

Program channels on the various PBS stations can be located by going to pbs.org and going to the bottom of the page to do a station finder search. One can also find information on this program by going to the site at wpt.org/sewingwithnancy for this PBS sewing program Nancy also has her own website at Nancy’s notions.com where one can purchase her books and sewing notions and supplies.

Martha Pullen's - Sewing Made Easy

Martha Pullen’s specialty is vintage lace sewing, and she showcases some of the most beautiful vintage lace garments seen on television. Her programs have a very genteel air due to her love of vintage sewing, but with that modern touch.

Martha’s sewing program can also be found by doing a station finder search at pbs.org.

Martha’s Sewing Room has been on the air since 1993, and Martha was inducted into the American Sewing Guild Hall of Fame in 2005. Martha is also the founder of Sew Beautiful magazine. By going to Martha’s website marthapullen.com one can find out about her series and also find out about her traveling sewing school, the School of Art Fashion.

America Sews With Sue Hausmann

Another long running sewing program, which has been airing for nearly 15 years, is both popular and lively. Sue Hausmann is also a spokesperson for one of my favorite sewing machines, Husquvarna Viking.

This site combines sewing and quilting projects, since Sue has a series for sewing and a series for quilting. The easiest way to link to the series is through the husquvarnaviking.com link, then clicking on the America Sews website link. To find times and listings of when the programs air one should use the station finder at pbs.org.

The America Sews site contains information about purchasing the program DVDs and program notes about the episodes.

The programs are designed for someone who already knows how to sew and who wants to expand their skills. Nevertheless, watching these or other sewing programs on public television is a wonderful way for the visual learner to pick up tips and hints about different sewing techniques and projects, and can provide the incentive to learn more.

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