Interior Decorating - Aesthetically Pleasing!

Interior decorating, why is it so important. There are some things that we just take for granted. Our physical surroundings are one of those things. Often we don’t even realize that our interior spaces can govern our mood, our outlook on life, even how happy we are to be alive.

It is important that we pay attention to this important aspect of our existence. Even when we live in poverty, we try to decorate our interiors to give our lives more meaning, to give ourselves a sense of hope. That is why interior decorating is so important.

Just what is interior decorating?

Well, it is just what the name implies, the decorating of the interiors of our buildings to make our rooms more attractive, comfortable and functional.

These artists are most often hired to decorate homes, especially the homes of those that can afford the luxury of having someone help them to make their home environment more aesthetically pleasing. They don’t just improve home environments, they may be hired to improve the internal environments of other buildings as well, such as businesses. They may work on an entire building or just one room.

These individuals may start by:

• Meeting with the client to determine their wants and needs

• Reviewing and measuring the space that will be decorated

• Preparing the proposed room layouts

• Obtaining estimates of the cost of the job

• Showing samples to the client (such as fabrics, tiles and different color schemes)

• Scheduling the work to be done

• Overseeing the work, such as the painting, wallpapering, flooring and other tasks

• Shopping for and placing orders for the required items and materials

• Coordinating the deliveries of the required items and materials

• Monitoring the decorating plan to ensure that it is put into action and runs smoothly until completion.

The work that they may do includes a variety of activities such as:

• Planning the space also known as the layout

• Selecting an appropriate color scheme

• Selecting appropriate furniture

• Selecting appropriate paint and wallpaper

• Selecting appropriate window coverings

• Selecting appropriate fabrics in terms of colors and textures

• Selecting appropriate flooring and carpeting

• Selecting appropriate lighting

• Selecting art objects

• Selecting hardware fixtures

• Selecting accessories

• Selecting plants if appropriate

If you want more information on how to become an interior decorator, click on the image below.

This is a marvelous book by Tag Goulet and Catherine Goulet, called Become An Interior Decorator that goes into more detail about this marvelous art.

Although there is no formal education or training required for a career in interior decorating, it is a good idea to take classes in home economics, art history, design, fine arts and drafting. Classes in marketing, advertising, accounting, management, and general business are important as well, since this is both an art form and a business. Formal education is important for advancement however, and there are a number of schools out there.

For more information on schools for interior decorators click here on the link to Interior Decorating Schools Those that pursue this artistic field should also have artistic talent, including an eye for color, proportion, balance and detail. They should also have the ability to visualize. Artistic taste and knowledge of current and enduring fashion trends are also essential.

For more information you can also see the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Volume 3, by Infobase Publishing, which can be found at your local library.

It is also helpful if one wants to pursue this career to find a part-time job in a department store or furniture store. This will enable you to learn more about the materials used in decorating. One may also want to interview a decorator or find a mentor. Reading books and trade journals on the subject are also a good source to help one determine if this is really something that one wants to do.

In such a stressful world, those with these artistic talents can help all of us to de-stress and to have a much more peaceful life.

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