Interior Redesign – Making The Old New!

Interior redesign appears to be the new buzz word, but just what is it? Well, redesign seems to be the answer to a difficult economy! It is using what one already owns to decorate the interior space to give it a new look or even a designer look!

The term is interior redesign, but it is known by other terms such as interior refining, interior rearranging, and redecorating.

Redesigning focuses on the idea that there are hidden treasures in most people’s homes that are just waiting to be discovered and used, and finding these hidden treasures requires a fresh eye, that the homeowner just may not have, so, help has arrived in the form of re-designers!

When is redesign appropriate?

• When the client has never achieved the look or feel originally envisioned by them for their rooms

• When the client wants to get more life out of existing furniture and accessories and may be bored with the way their space is currently arranged

• When the rooms just are not comfortable or inviting

• When there has been a recent move to a new home and the client wants the existing furniture to look like it was purchased for the new home

• When the need to combine the furnishings of two households exists often with a blending of two different styles

• When the dwelling is an apartment and they may not be allowed to paint the dwelling, but want their residence to be the focus of interest

This new field has appeal because it is generally far less expensive than getting a complete design makeover or purchasing new furnishings. The process can also be done fairly quickly. Another benefit in an increasingly energy conscious world is that redesign is green, with green design and environmentally friendly products for the home being a major trend in the home decorating industry.

Redesign is also of benefit to those that may have to downsize their residence for some reason. These may be those going through a divorce or even senior citizens moving to smaller residences or retirement communities.

What do re-designers do?

• These individuals may be consultants for those that want to do their own home décor

• They may actually carry out the results of their consultation for the client

• They may participate in residential or commercial redesign

Like interior decorators, re-designers don’t need any special education or training to embark on this exciting new profession.

For information about interior redesign, click on the image below for the new FabJob Guide by Kimberly M. Stone, called Become An Interior Redesigner.

This is a great new area which is just right for difficult economic times and the trend toward green living.

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