Home Decor – Do It Yourself Decor For Your Personal Space!

Home decor can be the answer for those that don’t have the bucks to hire an interior designer or for those that just want to do it themselves.

Unlike interior decorating, interior design, and interior redesign home décor has a direct relationship to sewing. Home décor is one of the key reasons that many learn to sew.

Home décor sewing is not only a popular art form, but there are many cost savings when purchasing one’s own fabrics and other materials over purchasing ready-made items or hiring an interior redesigner.

Not to mention that home décor sewing is just downright fun! There are many easy sewing projects for beginning and advanced sewers alike.

By sewing our own items for the home, we get to enjoy the creativity of choosing styles, colors and fabrics to fit our own personalities.

Another plus is that there are some good sources of free home decor projects online. One such source is sewing.org click here on the link to sewing.org for some of their free home décor projects

Another source of some good information for those that would like to create their own home décor projects is the book Home Décor Sewing 101 - A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing For The Home, by Creative Publishing. Click here on the link to Amazon.com for more information about this book.There are many excellent and easy sewing projects to get you started

There are projects such as window treatments, pillows, pillow cases, table runners and table toppers, placemats and napkins, and even a project to create a duvet cover and shower curtains. I like this book and use it frequently to create pillow cases and pillow covers for my quilting projects.

If one does not want to sew one’s own home décor items, there is a lot of information on the web on how to furnish one’s living space inexpensively. Additionally, consultation with an interior redesigner is another option.

For information about owning a business in this creative area, click here on the image below.

Regardless of what home décor path is chosen, decorating one’s own personal space can be uplifting.

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