Strips Quilting – A Different Direction For Block Creation

I have to say that my favorite method for creating quilt blocks is strips quilting.

Instead of simply creating blocks and joining them together. This method of piecing allows you to join short strips of fabric together to create blocks.

This is actually the same method that is used for creating borders. This method not only serves the purpose of creating symmetry within quilt blocks, but for me, provides more variety within the block itself. I have in fact used this method of piecing to create bed quilts.

This method is also quick and labor saving. How? With this method using a rotary cutter (more about tools later), one can cut multiple layers of fabrics together into long pieces of a certain width and length, then cut these to the desired shorter length to be used in the quilt project. Once the pieces have been sewn together, then they can be cut into the desired size blocks. The blocks can then be stitched together to make the quilt. This method allows for more variety in how the blocks look as well. Beautiful blocks are created with different fabrics in them, not just a single color.

It is actually the fabric that gives these quilt blocks their uniqueness. For example, if you like floral fabrics, then four or five different floral fabrics can be cut to make up one block.

This method still provides symmetry, but in a different way. The blocks look more artistic, than geometric. There is less of a white background than in a purely geometric patchwork quilt and more color and artistry.

Although my favorite book is no longer sold through, because it is out of print, there are some other books that address this method.

There is also a nice quilting technique for strips quilting at Another unique feature at this site is bolts of fabric combinations known as jelly rolls that are good for producing this type of quilt.

If you want more variety and color in your quilt block creation, than what is achieved by creating the traditional geometric blocks, then this method of strips quilting can provide what you are looking for.

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