Scrap Quilting – A Creative Variation

Scrap quilting is another fun style of quilting. These quilts are made up of fabric left over from other sewing projects.

This form of quilting is more spontaneous than patchwork quilting, which generally works on building the design within the block. It is also based on a traditional pattern, which is generally a precise geometric pattern.

Although for many quilters the lines are blurred between patchwork quilts and these other forms, in fact for some quilters, there are no differences but, there really are some subtle differences.

These types of quilts leave more to the imagination and allow more room for spontaneity. There is often regularity to the design, but the design is not confined to blocks, as in patchwork. In this case, the block can be considered the entire quilt, and definitely does not follow the precise geometric symmetry of patchwork.

Another form of this style of quilting is crazy quilting, which allows the creation of even more spontaneous designs. The designs for crazy quilts are…..well, basically there is often no regular pattern; fabric is placed at random all over the quilt. Nevertheless, these quilts have a symmetry all of their own.

In order to learn about some of the subtle differences there is some information at that can help to bring out the subtle differences in these quilting art forms.

There are several books on these type of quilts at There is also a website for the scrap quilting art form called Whether you like precise orderly patterns or wild and crazy designs there is a patchwork style of quilting that will suit your fancy.

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