Sewing Machine Tables – A Good Fit For A Small Space

Sewing machine tables are great for small spaces and many are portable. These compact tables differ from sewing cabinets which are really designed for designated sewing rooms and larger rooms where they can be left expanded all the time, and unless they have folding parts and are on wheels, cabinets are hard to move from place to place or to place in a small space. But tables on the other hand are great for small spaces and cost a lot less than cabinets.

Sewing tables that hold your sewing machine and some notions and supplies can fit into the corner of a room or even in a spare closet, and many of them can be folded away after use, making them portable for moving to another space.

Another great feature of these small tables is that like some of the larger sewing cabinets, some small tables have a recessed area for the sewing machine. Recessed areas make the sewing machine level with the table, which is great for sewing large projects such as quilts, because the fabric can then feed evenly from the machine across the sewing surface.

In fact, my own sewing space is part of my living room, since I don’t have a room to spare for a designated sewing area, and I’ve combined two sewing tables to create part of my sewing space, one of them is even portable and can be folded away when not in use although I do leave it up at all times.

It just takes some creativity to make a space that you can use as a designated space for sewing, and this can be done without destroying the overall look of a room such as a living room, bedroom or dining room.

Here are some great tables for a small space, including two of the tables that I use.

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