Other Sewing Equipment For The Sewing Area

Other than a sewing machine cabinet and fabric cutting table, what other sewing equipment is needed?

There are other editions that can enhance the sewing room. These include:

• An iron and ironing board or a steam press

• A dress form

• The right lighting

The need for an iron and ironing board may be obvious. These items are needed for pressing open seams in both garments and quilts. A steam press is a good to have to give the finished garment that professional dry cleaners pressed look.

Having a dress form is basically a necessity, because by using a dress form, you don’t have to guess at how the garment is taking shape. A dress form gives a three dimensional view of how the garment will look on the person that it is being constructed for. Garment forms come in all shapes and sizes to mimic the human body. By using a dress form, it is easier to make adjustments to the garment during construction, thus minimizing any surprises once the garment is finished and tried on by the person that the garment is for.

Probably the most important addition is the right lighting. One might ask how the right is lighting a piece of sewing equipment. Well, natural sunlight steaming through the window of a sewing room or sewing area is the best type of lighting. However, sunlight only occurs during a certain portion of the day, and sewing goes on even after sundown. In addition, not everyone has a sewing room or sewing area that has windows.

Therefore, a light designed for sewing is a must. What does that mean? Well, regular lamps that are used for lighting our homes are not the right type of lighting. Twice as much light is needed for sewing as for reading. Lights for sewing should be a simulation of daylight. Such lighting must reduce glare and eye strain. The light must also eliminate color distortion and reflect the true color of the fabric.

Such lighting brands as OttLite True Color lights are designed especially for sewing and crafting. As popular lighting OttLites can be found at the major sewing center such as Joann Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. There are also a number of sewing machine stores online where lighting can be found, in addition to lighting sewing equipment at ottlite.com

Having the right furnishings, equipment, notions and supplies is crucial to having a productive sewing area. Whether the area is large or small, we can put together a sewing area that that meets our needs, suits our preferences and tastes and doesn’t break the budget.

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