Pictorial Quilting - These Quilts Are Great Story Tellers

Of all of the quilts that one can make, I think that pictorial quilting is my favorite. These can be some of the most beautiful quilts imaginable and some of the most artistic. These magnificent quilts include story and landscape quilts as subcategories.

This type of quilt style is often the most personal, conveying the quilter’s experiences and beliefs more clearly than other quilt styles.

This style of quilting certainly seems to be the most versatile. These quilts can also be time intensive. Using photos, and other types of images, and often applying appliqué, some of the most inspiring quilts that speak to the heart and mind are made.

Rather than using standard quilting blocks, this style also lends itself to using one’s imagination to create almost any theme, any photo, telling any story, whether a true story or made-up one. One can say that no quilt using this style is ever like another one, they are all truly unique.

It is interesting that many of those who make these kinds of quilts are textile artists trained in design.

One of the best books that I have ever found for teaching how to construct these types of quilts is:

An excellent book on landscape quilting is: The Art of Landscape Quilting by Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell.

This book was found at amazon.com.

There is also an excellent DVD called Joyce Becker Teaches You Landscape Quilting which can be found at ctpub.com as part of the pictorial quilting style Once the basics of quilting are learned this is just one more avenue to express one’s quilting creativity.

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