Patchwork Is Synonymous With Quilting

When quilting is thought of, it is patchwork quilting that one thinks of. Patchwork is synonymous with the word quilting.

This is actually the easiest of the quilting styles for some quilters to learn. The style consists of putting basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles together to make blocks, which are then stitched together to make a complete geometric quilt top.

When learning this style new quilters usually work with standard patterns. The real creativity with this type of quilting comes through the selection of the fabrics. Fabrics are matched by patterns and color to create some very creative variations on standard designs. The use of different fabric colors and designs can make even a quilt that has the same blocks in a repeat pattern look different. This is in itself creativity in action.

These repeat patterns have specific names, such as log cabin or flying geese for example, which are based on what the arrangement of the designs that make up the block look like.

The geometric shapes are progressively joined into larger units to produce the desired sized block, and then the blocks are sewn together creating the overall quilt top pattern.

There is some excellent quilting software available for creating an almost unlimited number of block designs, thus making the creation of an almost limitless variety of different quilts possible.

Some of the companies that carry quilt design software including patchwork are: The Electric Quilt Company and Quilt-Pro Systems and Quilting Studio There are also numerous really good books on the subject many of which can be found at

This style of quilting is the backbone of quilt making and is the basis for learning the basics of quilt making. With a wealth of information from PBS programs to books and design software, this form of quilt making is both easy and fun.

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