Corduroy Fabric – The King's Cord of The Cotton Family of Fabrics

Corduroy fabric is a popular fabric, which is very durable. Corduroy fabric is used for casual garments and children’s clothing. The fabric is made into piles using combed, mercerized cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Corduroy has a very distinctive pattern, that of horizontal or vertical ribs. The fabric is usually a solid color, but designs can also be created in the fabric. This is also a very affordable fabric which is another reason for its popularity.

Dark Brown Corduroy Fabric Dark Green Corduroy Fabric

Fabric Characteristics:

• This fabric is relatively easy to sew

• Many are 100% cotton and shrink when laundered

• The fabric contains a pile and requires a napped layout

• The pile sheds

• Some corduroys are bulky due to the size of the ribs

• Corduroy can be either washed or dry cleaned, but is not as attractive after washing

• The fabric can be marred by pins, ripped seam lines, alterations and improper pressing

Working With These Fabrics Requires:

• Sewing machine needles required are 70/10-100/16 sharps or universals depending on the weight of the material

• Hand sewing needle sizes 5-9 should be used

• Sewing machine settings are a stitch length of 2-3 mm with variable tension and presser foot pressure

• Sewing machine feet that can be used are the walking, roller, even feed or zipper foot

• Thread should be good quality all-purpose cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blend

• Tools and equipment are scissors or rotary cutter, sharp shears, shim, pins, stiff brush

• Marking tools consist of tailor’s chalk, temporary marking pens, tracing wheel, carbon, Clo-Chalk

• Seams and Hems can be plain stitched and finished by pinking and pinking and stitching, zig zagged or serged

• Interfacing can be used

• Closures can be all types

• Pressing should be done on the wrong side of the fabric

These Fabrics Are Suitable For:

Corduroy is great for children’s clothing, sportswear, jackets, coats, pants, skirts, vests, jumpers, tailored shirts and pants, and home décor projects such as pillows.

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