Vinyl Fabric - A Nonwoven Plastic

Vinyl fabric is a nonwoven plastic made from polyurethane. Vinyl can be used to describe films, plastic laminates and PVC (poly-vinyl chloride). The term vinyl is also sometimes used interchangeably with pleather or synthetic leather.

Navy Striped Vinyl Fabric
Floral Vinyl Fabric

Fabric Characteristics:

• Nonwoven plastics do not fray

• They do not have a grain

• Some stretch more widthwise than lengthwise

• If used for garments they cannot be let out

• They tear easily when stressed

• They stick to the bottom of the presser foot

• They don’t feed through the sewing machine presser foot properly

• They are easily damaged by a hot iron

• Some crease permanently when left folded

• They do not breathe

• They are uncomfortable to wear in hot weather

• Some crack or yellow with age

• Some get sticky when dry cleaned or as they age

• Most are easy to clean with a damp cloth

• Many are stained easily by ink or lipstick

Working With These Fabrics Requires:

• Sewing machine needles recommended are 70/10 sharps or universals for light weight fabric and 140/16 sharps for heavier weight fabric

• Hand sewing needles sizes 5-7

• Sewing machine setting of 3.5mm recommended

• Sewing machine feet should be Teflon or roller foot

• Thread should be good quality polyester

• Tools and equipment recommended are sharp scissors, sharp shears, rotary cutter and mat, fabric weights, thimble, pins to name a few

• Layout single thickness

• Marking tools recommended are adhesive dots or colored pencil on wrong side of fabric, spoked tracing wheels should not be used due to leaving holes

• Seams recommended are plain, lapped, welt, double-welt, nonwoven lapped, nonwoven flat fell

• Hems recommended fabric glue or double sided leather tape

• Seam and hem finishes recommended are fabric glue or double sided leather tape

• Linings used for outerwear

• Closures recommended are snaps with interfacing between layers, zippers on coats and jackets, invisible zippers on skirts and pants

These Fabrics Are Suitable For:

Vinyl fabric is used for upholstery projects, handbags, straight skirts, boxy jackets, vests and jean jacket trim, and raincoats.

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