Sewing For Others Not Just A Hobby Anymore

Once upon a time sewing for others was just a hobby for many women. They either sewed for family members such as children or sewed for themselves. That is no longer true. Home sewing has now become a respected profession just like any other, and is not just a woman’s profession. Many men have chosen to become sewing professionals.

The sewing industry has benefited from advances in technology over the years. So, sewing for others can be very profitable today. Advances have included such innovations as computerization of sewing machines. Advances in machines for embroidery have made it possible to do intricate embroidery. Advances in machines for quilting such as the longarm quilting machine have made it possible to turn out beautiful and intricate quilts in shorter periods of time. Advances in software for these machines have taken sewing in all its forms to a whole new level of creativity.

As a result, opportunities for starting a sewing business making things for others, has expanded tremendously.

After creating a business plan, that plan has to be followed with determination. It takes a lot of time and effort to sustain a home sewing business just as for any business. There will be bumps in the road, but you must not give up.

To become a successful sewing professional also requires a change in mind set, even for a sewer. By treating sewing with respect and recognizing it as a profession like any other, then you can become a successful sewing business owner like so many others.

One of the biggest fears for many who start home sewing businesses is how to price their work. There are no set prices out there industry-wide; however, there are some price lists that are available as a guide.

One area on the web where information about obtaining sewing price lists can be obtained for a price is the CRAFTLINK Resource Centre.

Some excellent books on starting a sewing business are:

• The Business of Sewing – How to Start, Achieve and Maintain Success, Volume I – Barbara Wright Sykes

• The Business of Sewing – How to Start, Achieve and Maintain Success, Volume II – Barbara Wright Sykes

In this excellent series of books you will also find Do You Sew for Profit?: A Guide for Wholesale, Retail and Consignment by Barbara Wright Sykes.

It takes commitment and persistence to establish and maintain a business sewing for others, but with the right tools and resources it can be done.

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