The Sewing Business Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Sewing Business

As part of determining whether a sewing business is for you, considering sewing business advantages and disadvantages can help to make the decision.

So, just what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a sewing business?


• Flexible work schedule

• Integration of family and work life

• Less involvement with others in a regular work environment

• Eligibility of a partial write-off of housing costs, utilities and maintenance costs

• Less or no commuting time, saving on gas costs

• Independence

• Self determination


• Financial risk

• Loss of home space used by the family

• Interruptions

• Self-discipline

• Less opportunity to delegate tasks to others unless there are employees

• Legal requirements

• Isolation issues when working at home

For further discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of a home sewing business, there are some useful guidelines in the article Sewing as a Business: A Guide for Home-Based Sewing Professionals.

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By carefully considering all aspects of starting a sewing business it is possible to find a very rewarding avenue of creative expression and financial reward.

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