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I have a brother quilting machine. Can I use serger thread as the thread in my bobbins for quilting purposes? What does it mean "serger" ? I am a new sewer.
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The best thread for quilting is 100% cotton thread made for sewing machines, not serger thread.

Your question is similar to one that I received from David. Serger thread is a thinner thread and is not recommended for use in bobbins or the upper thread guide, it is not recommended for use in sewing machines at all. Threads used in sewing machines should have equal stregth in the bobbin and upper thread area since they interlock to form the seam.

Also since serger thread is lighter in weight than regular sewing machine thread, the thread can break easier, and the seam will be weaker since the thread strengths would be unequal if you used serger thread in your bobbins.

So, it is best to use 100% cotton thread made for sewing machines for both the bobbin and the upper thread guide for quilting. Quilting requires a strong thread so 100% cotton is ideal.

Serger comes from the word serge which originally referred to a type of strong wool cloth that is used to make coats and jackets.

The term serger was probably taken from the word serge, to indicate the strength of the seam, since a serger overlocks the threads to stregthen the seam and keep the seam from unraveling when a seam is serged at the high speeds that a serger operates at, overlocking anywhere from three to five threads, but in a sewing machine, the seams are produced differently, and with only the upper thread guide and the bobbins producing two interlocked threads, thinner serger thread won't hold up well in regular sewing machine seams, it's not designed for sewing straight sewing machine stitches.

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Serger Thread NEW
by: Angel Anaa

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Sep 11, 2015
Serger Thread? NEW
by: Jack kevin

Serger thread is strong sufficient for machine , but it's infrequently as well Someone Write A Research Paper warped or plane as standard machine thread, and generally is extra linty and won't as fine.

Jul 03, 2015
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Serger Thread NEW
by: Nicole Jeffrey

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Mar 04, 2015
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by: Miranada

I do doubt about that, as there are high chances for the thread to break away quickly when stitching in small ct. it would be best if you use the pure cotton threads in place of serger thread. Beverly Diamonds Complaints

Mar 18, 2012
There is a World of Lighter Weight Thread
by: Anonymous

.... And, it is a Wonderful world---- one, not easy to locate.

Personally, I use 60/3(Mettler)to 80wt(Madeira) to 100wt(YLI) cotton thread in many of my projects. Have recently met a teacher - demonstrator with advanced skills and much insight into the best Pfaffs & Berninas, whose clear point of view
Is That a Quilt made with Lighter Weight Thread . . . .
exalted splendid ..... sentiments crowd my mind ......
The reader may find the words: "Mettler Cotton Embroidery
Thread 60 wt" helpful here. My local Beverly's always is willing to special order boxes for me. The important thing to know is that this one comes in a full range of colours --- unlike the 100 wt Heirloom thread from YLI. I just discovered 60 wt polyester thread --- CLEARLY INTENDED FOR QUILTING COTTON --- from a house Specializing in Quilting Everything---- "Connecting Threads" . . . mail order.

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