Serger Repair – When To Take Your Machine To A Professional

Serger repair, when is more than routine maintenance needed? When troubleshooting uncovers issues that the owner is unable to correct, this is when a professional repair technician is needed.

What are some of these common problems that require a serger repair technician?

• The material does not feed – the feed dog may be damaged and need to be replaced

• The fabric is attempting to feed with the needles down – the timing may need to be adjusted

• The needle strikes a looper – the clearance and timing needs to be adjusted

• There is faulty timing of the loopers and needles – the timing of the needle and loopers need adjusting

• Machine oil is dried up – lubricate the serger

• Sluggish motor – the motor needs to be serviced or replaced

• Electrical or electronic failure – the wall socket may be faulty, the foot controller may be faulty and need to be replaced, the electrical cord may be faulty

• A humming noise when the foot controller is depressed – means that the motor is struggling to turn on and should be serviced or replaced

There are resources in addition to the owner’s manual to assist the sewer with determining when a serger problem is something that the owner can handle or when a skilled technician needs to be contacted.

A few of these references can be found here at:

The link to The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide on The link to for Mysteries of Serger Repair The link to for serger service and repair manuals

The majority of serger issues are operator issues which can be corrected by the operator, but occasionally a professional will be needed and there are resources such as the ones above to assist you.

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