Professional Machine Repair - Repairing Sewing Machines Like A Professional!

Have you ever considered professional machine repair? Learning to repair sewing machines like a professional, for yourself or for others?

There actually are some sewing machine issues that are not mere maintenance and that must be handled by a trained individual, whether by the trained home sewer or a sewing machine professional repairman.

What types of issues require a more experienced response?

• A more detailed cleaning of the entire machine is recommended at least once a year

• The machine may require oiling of its internal mechanics

• The upper tension mechanism may require repair

• The bobbin casing may require disassembling and repair

• The motor may require repair

• The internal computer on computerized machines may require repair

• If the machine is controlled by a foot controller, this may require repair

• The needle timing bar may require repair

• The feed dogs may require adjustment

• The machine may not run at all due to some internal problem that is not easily seen

• The electrical wiring may require repair

These are just a few of the issues that may require disassembling of the machine to peer into the internal workings of the machine for diagnosis and repair.

The question is, must these issues always be taken to a professional? The answer is no, you can become the sewing machine repair person to either repair your own machine or to repair sewing machines as a profession!


There are several ways to become your own sewing repair person or a repair person for others.

There are books to teach oneself how to repair sewing machines taking simple maintenance to a higher level, One book that I found on the internet is called Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business by Reuben O. Doyle. Click here on the link to This is a professional machine repair course in book form

I also found a DVD series from the California Academy run by Jim Jacobson; click the link here at for the DVD series If a more formal education is desired in a classroom setting, then has some information. Admittedly there are few if any vocational and technical colleges that offer formal training programs, formal training is primarily offered through sewing machine manufacturers or experienced repairmen. Click on the link here to for more information

I was curious about what types of tools would be needed for sewing machine repair, so I found some information on the link under their tools menu. Click here on the link to see what kind of tools may be needed for professional machine repair The outlook for sewing machine repair professionals is said to be good. It is stated that sewing machines are located in places such as dry cleaners, hospitals, schools of all types such as grammar schools, high schools and colleges, tailoring shops, major department stores, and homes for children and even correctional centers.

Due to the economy more and more women are being encouraged to sew and make clothing for themselves and their families by sewing magazines, fabric stores, high schools and colleges. I know that I’m one of those on that bandwagon! I encourage anyone to learn to sew that I meet, whether women, children or even men.

Sewing one’s own clothing is economical as well as fun. And with many women and others taking the advice of all of those encouraging them to learn to sew, the growth in the need for sewing machine repair professionals will continue, and it’s a profession that can be done as a home based business.

Learning to repair sewing machines whether for our own use or as professional machine repair, is a great step to take that can provide both independence and income.

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