Looking For Cotton Sheeting



What kind of cotton fabric is used to make those drawstring summer weight pants an shorts you see in the stores? When I was a kid we called it "cotton sheeting," but no one seems to know what I mean when I ask for it, and the fabric stores around here don't have it (I
have worn my shorts in so they could see the fabric, but they don't have it). Without a name for it, I can't even order it online from anyone! Help? Please?

Thank you!


Cotton sheeting today goes by the name Percale, because that is the material used in home decor to make sheets. I'm not sure if this is the same material that you wore as a child. You might try asking to compare your shorts against percale, chambray, broadcloth, muslin, cotton crepe, calico, and challis since these are often the fabrics that are used for summer weight clothing (with the exception of percale which is usually reserved for sheets).

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