Gingham Fabric – A Member Of The Plain Weave Fabrics

Gingham fabric is one of the easiest fabrics to recognize. Gingham fabric is a member of the family of fabrics referred to as plain weaves; their design puts them under the group of fabrics referred to as checked fabric. Gingham is also a member of the larger cotton family, which is the basic fabric that gingham is constructed of. Gingham is similar to plaids, and the suggestions for handling and sewing the fabric are those for plaids.

Hot Pink Floral Gingham Fabric Lime Green Gingham Fabric Navy Blue Gingham Fabric Teal Floral Gingham Fabric Yellow Gingham Fabric

Fabric Characteristics:

• The fabric design must be matched

• Some of these fabrics have a nap or one-way pattern

• If the fabric is off grain, the fabric cannot be matched satisfactorily

• May require a nap layout

Working With These Fabrics Requires:

• Sewing machine needles recommended is 70/10 universals and sharps

• Sewing machine settings recommended are 1.8-2.5 mm

• Sewing machine feet recommended are standard or flat fell foot

• Thread recommended is good quality cotton

• Layout should be without nap, double thickness

• Tools and equipment recommended are sharp scissors or rotary cutter and mat, sharp shears, safety pins

• Markers recommended should be fabric markers and tracing wheel

• Seams and hems recommendations are plain seams, for edge finishing plain hems, facings should be bias or self-fabric, also bindings or bands

• Closures recommended are all types

These Fabrics Are Suitable For:

Gingham is recommended for home décor items such as curtains, also for handkerchiefs, for lightweight shirts and blouses, as well as summer dresses, aprons, linens, and I especially like the fabric for quilting.

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For more information about this family of fabrics some great references are:

Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide

More Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina

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