Can Serger Thread Be Used For Sewing Machines?



There is a LOT of thread on eBay and a lot of it is serger thread. Do you recommend serger thread for use in a regular machine? Is it as strong as your regular spool thread one buys at a fabric store?


Although you can use seger thread which usually comes in large spools and cones, on a sewing machine with a special stand, it isn't recommended. Serger thread is more light weight than standard sewing machine thread because it feeds through the serger at extremely high speeds. On a sewing machine, serger thread is too weak and would produce a weaker seam and this could cause the fabric not to hold together at the seams very well. So it is best to stick with thread made for sewing machines.

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Sep 06, 2013
Why Can't You Use Serger Thread on a Regular Sewing Machine? NEW
by: Anonymous

If it's so weak then people use them on longarms? It seems like if your able to use the thread on a longarm it would be just as good on a regular sewing machine. I understand that longarms move faster & the thread is weaker but why would you trust it on all of the beautiful quilts if it's so weak?

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