Want To Learn Sewing, But Don't Know Where To Begin?

Sewing is my passion! For me there is nothing more creative or more relaxing after a stressful day. In this economy there is nothing like saving money by making your own professional looking clothes, your own bedding or even doing your own home décor.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you made that beautiful quilt covering your bed. That eye catching table cloth, table runner and napkins gracing your dining room table look so professional, that no one can tell that they were not purchased from a store. There is no greater joy than seeing the smile on the face of a friend when you give her that baby blanket for her little granddaughter that you made yourself.

This is an art form that has come a long way, since way back in the Garden of Eden, mentioned in the Bible book of Genesis when the first garments were sewn for Adam and Eve. It has a long history among humankind and can truly be said to be as old as the human race. It certainly can be said to be one of the most practical, without learning to sew, we would all still be running around wearing nothing more than fig leaves!

Want to learn to how? Want to find the right machine for you? Want to know how to find inexpensive patterns or even free patterns? Want to know what fabric to use and for what project?

Then this site is for you.

I have often come across fantastic sites full of useful information, just what I was looking for in fact. One day I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have access to some of these fantastic sites all from one site.

As a result my idea for this site was born. From this site I would like to share with you some of the most useful information that I have come across to make my life easier and yours too.

This site will lead you to information that can help you to:

• Find lessons or specific projects that meet your needs

• Pick a machine with the features that you are looking for

• Find patterns at reasonable prices and even free patterns

• Learn what supplies you will need for what projects

• See what fabrics are right for what projects

Here you will be directed to everything you need to customize your own experience to make it fun. There is a wealth of information out there for experienced enthusiasts and new enthusiasts alike. You just have to know where to find it.

So, come join me on my travels through the sewing world.

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Finding Sewing Lessons That Are Right For You
Sewing lessons don't always occur in the classroom, there are other options such as DVDs and videos, distance learning, books and e-books, and pbs programs. Here you can find information for lessons.
Sewing Machines To Please Everyone
With so many sewing machines to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Here is a guide to finding the right machines for any project, by looking at different companies.
Sewing Machine Feet – What Are They And What Are They Used For?
Information about 28 sewing machine feet also called presser feet, what they are, what the different types are, how they are used, how to choose the best foot for a sewing project.
All Purpose Foot – The Right Foot For General Sewing
Information about the all purpose foot, the most general of all of the presser feet, what it is, how its structure aids in its general use in garment construction, and types of sewing projects.
Beading Presser Foot – An Attachment Of Many Strands
Information about the beading presser foot, also called the sequin foot or pearl foot, is one of the specialty feet, what it is, and how it is used.
The Bias Binder Foot – Makes Adding Bias To A Project A Breeze
Information about the bias binder foot, which is a great foot for home decor projects and quilts and other projects that require binding, what it is and how it is used.
The Blind Hem Foot – Creating The Perfect Invisible Hem
Information about the blind hem foot, a great foot for producing a less noticeable hem in a garment, what it is and how it is used to create the blind hem stitch.
The Braiding Foot – A Foot For Decorative Embellishment
Information about the braiding foot, used in the form of decorative embellishment called couching, what it is, what it is used for and how to use it.
The Button Sewing Foot – Help For The Flat Button
Information about the button sewing foot, which is a great help when sewing on buttons by machine, more about what it is and how it is used to sew on buttons.
The Buttonhole Foot – Creating Professional Looking Buttonholes
Information about the buttonhole foot, a great foot for creating neat professional looking buttonholes, more about what it is, its uses, and how it works.
Circle Stitch Attachment – A Unique Tool For Creating Circular Shapes
Information on the circle stitch attachment, a unique sewing tool that helps with the creation of circles it is not really a foo, but twhat it is and how is it used?
The Clear Embroidery Foot – Better Visibility, Better Stitch Accuracy
Information about the clear embroidery foot, which provides greater visibility for free motion embroidery, more about what it is, and how it is used.
Cording Foot – Neat And Easy Alignment For Single Or Multiple Cords
Information about the cording foot, which is used in decorative stitching and embellishment, more about what it is and how it is used, and how it differs from the piping and welting foot.
Curve Master Foot – Mastering Curved Seams For Quilting
Information about the curve master foot, a marvelous invention for the quilter, more about what it is, what it is used for, and how it is used.
Darning Foot – The Multi-Purpose Embroidery And Quilting Foot
Information about the darning foot, the multipurpose foot used for both embroidery and free motion quilting, more about what it is and its multiple uses and how it is used.
Edge Joining Foot – Creating Perfectly Aligned Edges
Information about the edge joining foot, a great tool for creating wide trims and laces, more about what this presser foot is and how it can be used.
The Fringe Foot – Does More Than Just Create Fringe
Information about the fringe foot a specialty foot, is also called the looper foot by some vendors, more about what it is and how it can be used.
The Gathering Foot – The Home Décor Time Saver
Information about gathering foot, a life saver for those that are used to gathering garments by hand, more about its uses and how it differs from the ruffler and shirring foot.
The Hemmer Foot – The Narrow Hemmer, One Of A Family Of Hemmers
Information about the hemmer foot as one of many types of foot for hemming, the foot comes in a number of different widths, more about this foot and how it is used.
Invisible Zipper Foot – Is It The Same As The Standard Zipper Foot?
Information about the invisible zipper foot, which provides a genuinely hidden closure, more about what it is, how it is used and how it differs from the standard zipper foot.
The Open Toe Foot – A Foot That Produces A Clearer View
Information about the open toe foot which provides a clearer view while stitching, more about what it is and how it is used and the different types of this foot.
The Overlocking Foot – Providing Serger Stitches In A Sewing Machine
Information about the overlocking foot, also called the overcasting foot, and the overedge foot, a great tool when you don't have a serger, more about what it is and what it does.
Pintuck Foot – Taking The Guesswork Out Of Creating Delicate Tucks
Information about the pintuck foot, which takes the guesswork out of creating delicate rows of pintucks in fine sewing embellishment, more about what it is and what it can be used for.
The Quarter Inch Foot, Patchwork, and Quilting Foot – The Specialty Foot Of Many
Presser foot information about the quarter inch foot, is also known as the patchwork and quilting foot, more about what it is, its uses to create great quilts.
Rolled Hem Foot – Creating An Elegant Hem
Information about the rolled hem foot, how it creates a rolled hem, how it compares to the narrow hem foot, more about what it is, and how it is used.
Roller Foot – Help For Hard To Sew Fabrics
Information about the roller foot, which makes sewing leather, suede and vinyl a breeze, more about what it is, and what this presser foot is used for.
Ruffler Foot – A Very Strange Looking, But Wonderful Attachment
Information about the ruffler foot, also called the ruffle attachment foot, is an attachment that looks complicated, but isn't really, more about what it is, and how it is used.
Satin Stitch Foot – The Foot For Decorative And Applique Stitching
Information about the satin stitch foot, a foot used for the embroidery stitch called the satin stitch along with other decorative stitches, more about what it is and how it is used.
Teflon Foot – Also Called The Non-Stick Foot
Information about the teflon foot, also called the nonstick foot is used to keep fabrics such as leather, vinyl, and suedes from sticking, more about what it is and how it is used in sewing.
Walking Foot – Also Known As The Even Feed Foot
Information about the walking foot, also called the even feed foot due to having its own feed dogs, an attachment often used in sewing machine quilting, more about what it is, and how it can be used.
Zipper Foot – When A Zipper Sewn The Standard Way Is Appropriate
Information about the zipper foot, the foot of choice when it is okay to have the stitching lines showing in the garment, more about what it is and how it is used.
Sewing Machine Repair - Who, What and When?
Information about sewing machine repair and maintenance of sewing machines, and when you can fix the machine yourself and when to take the machine for professional repair. There are some easy fixes.
Using Sewing Patterns You Can Be Your Own Mini Designer, How?
There are many sewing patterns to fit your own creativity, offered by at least four major companies. However, this is not the only source of patterns, you can also create your own and customize them.
Tailoring Alterations Of What, When And By Whom?
Information about what tailoring alterations are in sewing, and what are the differences between clothing and pattern alterations and what it requires to make each of these different alterations.
Finding The Right Sewing Fabric Is Key, Here's How.
Information about 49 sewing fabric from acrylic fabric to wool fabric and their characteristics, how to choose the right fabric for a sewing project, and how to choose the right foot, needle, etc.
Sewing Notions And Supplies - What Are The Essentials?
There are many sewing notions and supplies used in a sewing project. What some of the essentials are, and how to wade through the many choices to select the right ones for your sewing projects.
Sewing Areas For Your Individual Space
Creating sewing areas with information about setting up a customized space and what should be included to make this space unique, including information about sewing chairs, sewing tables and cabinets.
Kids Sewing - How To Teach Young Ones How To Sew
Information about teaching kids sewing and what it takes and where to learn more about it, including information about the Winky Cherry System and the You Can Make It systems of teaching kids to sew.
Starting A Sewing Business
Information on starting a sewing business, what is required, what to consider and what to expect, from creating the business plan, to pricing and marketing the business, and finding resources.
Sewing Related Occupations - How To Use Sewing Skills To Make A Living
Information about 27 sewing related occupations that can result from knowing how to sew and how sewing can result in job opportunities in the apparel, retail and textile industries, and training.
Sewing Machine Embroidery -The Jewel In The Sewing Crown
What sewing machine embroidery is, how is it different from hand embroidery, other than that you use a sewing machine? What are the tools needed for the craft, and some of the resources for learning.
Serger Sewing
Information about the serger, whether it is a good sewing investment, how to thread and maintenance a serger and when it needs professional attention. Also information about the feet available.
Machine Quilting
Machine quilting takes the art of quilting to the next level. Here you can find information about the different types and styles of quilting, their history as art forms along with resources.
Interior Decorating And Design
Information about interior decorating, interior design, interior redesign, and home decor and how these forms of decorating are different, and where to find more information about these specialties.
Sewing Gallery
Images from a sewing gallery of actual outfits created from store brought sewing patterns to show how the same pattern can be used in different ways.
Fleece Gallery – Working With Fleece Is Easy Fun!
Information and pictures from my fleece gallery about using soft, fun fleece which a member of the cotton family, to create blankets and clothing.
Sewing Resources – A Treasure Trove Of Helpful Information
Sewing Resources in one place such as information about sewing schools, recommended sewing books, sewing related sites and much more information to really help those interested in sewing.
Sewing Site Map For The-Sewing-Partner.com
The sewing site map for the-sewing-partner.com listing contents of the site on all aspects of the sewing craft.
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Contact Form For Questions And Comments About The Site
Using SBI To Start Your Sewing Business Or Any Business
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